4 Ways To Cool Down Your RV

22 February 2016
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Traveling in a RV is an economic method of seeing the country. Unfortunately, staying cool in a RV can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. However, there are steps you can take to keep your RV cool so you and your family can more fully enjoy your adventures.  Find the Best Parking Where you park your RV matters when it comes to controlling the temperature inside of the vehicle. To reduce the amount of sun rays beaming down on your RV, try to park in shady areas. Read More 

Flushing Your Radiator To Extend Its Life

16 January 2016
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Your vehicle relies on the radiator to keep the components of the engine cool. Eventually, the coolant inside the radiator will need to be changed or it will become acidic or ineffective which will cause the entire cooling system to stop working. To protect your vehicle's cooling system, flush and refill the radiator. How often does a radiator need to be flushed and refilled? Generally speaking, your radiator shouldn't need to be flushed more than every 40,000-60,000 miles or every other year – whichever the vehicle reaches first. Read More 

Things To Know When Choosing Motor Oil For Your Fleet Vehicles

28 December 2015
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When buying motor oil for your fleet vehicles, the most important thing to do is go by the vehicle user manual recommendations. You can save money by knowing what is important and what is not when making your purchase. More expensive is not always best, but it's sometimes safer to pay a little more for quality. Brand Name Vs. Generic Motor Oil All oil sold in the U.S. must go through quality standards testing by the American Petroleum Institute. Read More 

Slow Engine Turnover In A Car: Why It Happens

10 December 2015
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Have you noticed that it takes a little longer for your car engine to crank up than it used to? The problem your car is experiencing may be due to the engine being damaged, but it can also be the result of a malfunctioning radiator. Discover below why a malfunctioning radiator can affect the engine, as well as how to get a new engine on a budget. Why Does a Malfunctioning Radiator Affect Engine Turnover in a Car? Read More 

Cat Scratch Nightmare? 3 Auto Body Fixes For A Clawed Up Hood

19 November 2015
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While it may be hard to imagine, cats can do a great deal of damage to the hood of your car in the matter of minutes. Most of the time, cats don't intentionally set out to wreck as many paint jobs as they can in a night. In most cases, they're simply lounging on the hood, slip and gouge their claws into the paint to stop their descent. Or they may be running from a predator. Read More